Kinderkraft Koya 4-in-1 Wooden Cot - White


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Kinderkraft KOYA 4-in-1 Co Sleeper

Imagine a cot that can be easily transformed into a co-sleeper cot and a playpen when needed. Meet Kinderkraft KOYA 4-in-1 Co Sleeper a multifunctional 4-in-1 cot with casters, so your little one will always feel safe. KOYA by Kinderkraft was designed for parents who want to spend as much time as possible with their baby and always be close
to them.

It can function as:

  • co-sleeper cot,
  • small cot sized 90 x 60 cm,
  • large cot sized120 x 60 cm,
  • playpen.


  • Painted with safe child paints • made of durable, natural wood – KOYA is stable and solid.
  • Locks, that prevent from moving on its own
  • KOYA has casters – to move the product from place to place just release the lock. They are covered with a PU layer, so they do not scratch the floor.
  • KOYA will serve your baby from birth until your baby makes their first independent attempts to leave the cot. You buy one product that proves useful for years!
  • Thanks to its dimensions (90 x 60 cm), the small cot will fit even into a tiny bedroom. Parents will not have to go into another room at night to take the baby in their arms.
  • As a cot for older babies, KOYA has standard dimensions (120 x 60 cm)- this makes it easier to choose a mattress or bed linen.